Tuesday, 15 June 2010

About time we had a site file?

So the old chestnut of backstop masking has re-appeared, and this time I figured it would be easiest not to try and code up something clever, but instead let you (or your beamline scientist) tell xia2 where the beamstop etc. are.

So - what I have lined up for the site file so far are:

  • a way of locating the beam stop as a function of some distances
  • the ADC offset for CCD detectors
If you have a beamline where you run xia2, or a lab source, and would like something else propogated please drop me a line - I will be all ears.


Graeme Winter said...

One extra could be a correction file to apply for e.g. Pilatus images with XDS.

Mark said...

ADC offset seems like more of a command line option than a sitefile parameter to me.