Monday, 30 June 2008

xia2 on CCP4 wiki

Just as an update: I have received a couple of perfectly accurate comments that the documentation for xia2 is inadequate. I have started a xia2 wiki page on the ccp4 wiki:

Currently this is fairly weak, but the idea is to focus my documentation efforts on here. If you wish to mirror the changes on any other wiki please feel free...

xia2 & Latest XDS

The current version of xia2 ( will not work with the latest version of XDS. This was OK, except the previous versions of XDS expired today, so as of right now running with the -3d option won't work. I think I have fixed this so that it should work fine with the new version (June 2, 2008) and I am running final tests now. Should be able to bundle a release tomorrow.