Tuesday, 21 May 2013

SVN xia2 now working with newest XDS

At least, in most circumstances - any problems do please get in touch!

Moving targets

Two recent issues to arise:

 - using xia2 with new phenix builds: nightly builds as of last night should now work - dxtbx was not being compiled as a module. Using updated cctbx recent build was a useful workaround though that was also briefly broken for Rigaku A200 instruments (now fixed)

 - new XDS - format for XPARM file has changed so xia2 now chokes - this one may not be as straightforward to fix, but work ongoing

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Making xia2 from svn actually *work*

This requires a relatively recent version of cctbx (some bits of xia2 were moved into cctbx.)

Go to


Select "show unreleased builds"; select *green* link like YEAR_MO_DY_NNNN (e.,g. 2013_05_07_0005 today) then download the appropriate build for your machine.

This should be automated as part of a xia2 download script: I will look into it. Please be sure to source the cctbx setup file after CCP4 as CCP4 distribute an old version...

Problems / questions to the usual place: xia2.support@gmail.com

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Installing xia2 from subversion (latest update)

Assumes you have xia2, cctbx, optionally Labelit and XDS set up in your PATH... here is a bash script which will install xia2 and make you a setup file:


svn checkout https://svn.code.sf.net/p/xia2/code/trunk/xia2
cd xia2
echo "#!/bin/bash" > ../xia2.sh
echo "export XIA2_ROOT=`pwd`" >> ../xia2.sh
echo ". \${XIA2_ROOT}/setup.sh" >> ../xia2.sh

just copy this to a file of your choice (say install-xia2.sh) and then run bash install-xia2.sh where you want xia2 to be installed. Sourcing xia2.sh (which is auto generated) will then set up xia2.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Nightly build needed: will be on the way

In many cases people wait a while before features become available in xia2 because of the slow release schedule. I am looking into producing a nightly build downloadable from the usual CCP4 home, with test logs.

This may be a better way to keep up with the "bleeding edge" of xia2 than using svn...