Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Experimental xia2/DIALS installers

We are currently testing new xia2/DIALS installers for mac/linux which provide a self-contained xia2/cctbx/DIALS installation. Instructions on downloading and installing these bundles can be found at http://dials.diamond.ac.uk/doc/installation.html. Once installed, simply sourcing the dials_env.sh script in the installation directory will make available all xia2 and DIALS commands in the current terminal. You will also need CCP4 available - but make sure to source the dials_env.sh script after the CCP4 setup script. You can also try out the new xia2 -dials option, which will use the new software DIALS to index and integrate your data, followed by scaling and merging with Aimless. As always, please send any feedback to xia2.support@gmail.com.

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