Monday, 16 December 2013

Interactive control of indexing images with XDS processing

Now incoming in a nightly build...

[gw56@ws133 interactive]$ xia2 -3dii -interactive -image /data1/gw56/i04-bag-training/th_8_2_0001.cbf
Environment configuration...
XIA2_ROOT => /home/gw56/svn/xia2.trunk
XIA2CORE_ROOT => /home/gw56/svn/xia2.trunk/core
CCP4 => /dls_sw/apps/ccp4/x86_64/6.4.0/6nov2013/ccp4-6.4.0
CLIBD => /dls_sw/apps/ccp4/x86_64/6.4.0/6nov2013/ccp4-6.4.0/lib/data
CCP4_SCR => /tmp/tmpOOG0z9
Working directory: /tmp/interactive
Free space:        15.02 GB
Host: ws133
Build: 4468
Command line: xia2 -3dii -interactive -image /data1/gw56/i04-bag-training/th_8_2_0001.cbf
Existing images for indexing th_8_2_0###.cbf: 1-540
>1-100, 441-540
New images for indexing: 1-100, 441-540

Essentially allows you to assign which images to use for XDS indexing for the case where you have a "good bit" you want to use.

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