Thursday, 3 October 2013

Reversephi: error(s) found

Reversephi from .xinfo file should be respected now in the committed version or the following change can be made:

[gw56@ws133 xia2.trunk]$ svn diff -r 4428 Schema/
Index: Schema/
--- Schema/       (revision 4428)
+++ Schema/       (working copy)
@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@
                                    directory = directory,
                                    image = image,
                                    beam = beam,
-                                   reversephi = False,
+                                   reversephi = reversephi,
                                    distance = distance,
                                    gain = gain,
                                    dmin = dmin,

(dumb typo which should have been flagged a long time ago)

More complex situation was found with data where the dxtbx format system reads the image headers, which involved slightly deeper changes. These are now made but N.B. that if the dxtbx header reading class correctly identifies it as reversed phi (which should be the case) then -reversephi will do exactly the opposite to what you want. 

Short answer: you should not need -reversephi or REVERSEPHI in the xinfo file: if you do please get in touch and email me an example image.

Updated xia2 release to follow, though new format classes will need to be added to your cctbx installation - instructions for this will follow.

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