Thursday, 21 October 2010

xia2 released

xia2 now updated to

Changes since
  • Now report the min, mean, max mosaic spread (according to the program definitions after integration of each sweep.
  • Resolved problems with overriding environment.
  • Added -serial pun for -parallel 1.
  • Allow resolution limit to be assigned on a per-sweep basis.
  • Handled corner case with images 200 - 250 (say) giving REBATCH error.
  • Added full 8-way search for scaling models for 2d pipelines.
  • Partial support for two-theta offset data collection (tested with Rigaku X-ray equipment and Diamond I19 data.)
  • Added -min_images keyword which is helpful when analysing virus data with e.g. 4 images / sweep.
 Downloads in the usual place - please shout if you have any problems!

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