Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Pointless (latest) and Phenix (latest) slight weirdness

It appears that the combination of the latest (6.1.3) CCP4 and the latest (1.6) Phenix will cause problems for pointless. This will exhibit itself in xia2 as:

 Status: error "no element found: line 27, column 0"

as a result of pointless having an error like:

/scratch/xtal/ccp4/ccp4-6.1.3/bin/pointless: symbol lookup error: /scratch/xtal/ccp4/ccp4-6.1.3/bin/pointless: undefined symbol: _ZNK5cctbx5sgtbx16space_group_type13lookup_symbolEv

I found installing a CCTBX from made the problem "go away", but I have no idea why. Investigating!

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