Monday, 9 November 2009

Broken xia2 cure-all

A couple of questions came in recently for which the answer appeared to be:

- remove $CCP4/share/XIAROOT (which is obsolete)
- source cctbx setup after CCP4 as the latter pollutes the environment

This will probably fix the problem, particularly if it complains about iotbx :o)


tkfkm said...

Doesn't the current Xia2 work properly with CCTBX (2008_02_08_1610) in phaser-2.1.4-cctbx-*.tar.gz which is distributed with CCP4 6.1? It seems not, so I just want to confirm it.

Graeme Winter said...

I'm afraid not - when I started with CCTBX it was early this year and they had added quite a few things since this release which were rather useful - particularly in the Python bindings that xia2 uses.

I gather that the next release of CCP4 after 6.1.3 will include an updated CCTBX - in the meantime this problem will remain.