Thursday, 15 October 2009

xia2 bug fix release

Hi Folks,

Time for some bug fixing & tidying. An unexpected side-effect of the changes allowing the setting of the cell constants etc. in the previous release was that the lattice tests no longer work for XDS. This is now fixed. Also the output has been tidied (fewer .txt files now) so that should help.

Here's the full text of the changes:

Changes since

* No lattice test mode added (you can guess the command-line option) for tricky data sets where this perhaps falls over.
* Fixed side effect of changes which allowed setting of unit cell etc. - lattices were no longer eliminated, failed complaining can't eliminate only solution.
* Tidied up the generation of output files and so on - now only have the main log file and the debug trace.

As always, shout if you have problems!

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